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The way an estate agent markets your property will have a direct effect on how quickly it sells and what price is achieved. At Suffolk Bungalows we leave nothing to chance and are able to call upon a wealth of resources to best promote your home.  From this list of marketing tools we will discuss with you which ones will be appropriate for your own needs and agree a ‘plan of action’.

We now have 3 marketing options, as listed below:

service options

Our PREPARE ONLY, LOW KEY and FULL MARKETING options use a combination of the following:

Sales Brochures                                                                                         

Just as every property is individual, so too are our sales particulars. Each set is individually designed to emphasise all the very best selling points of your bungalow. We initially prepare draft particulars for your approval. It is only when you are completely happy with them that they are made available to the public.

Floor plans

We strongly believe that every bungalow should have a floor plan – so we prepare them free of charge! Floor plans enable potential buyers to understand the layout of your bungalow and help them to visualise how they could best use the space. It is a proven fact that properties with floor plans attract more interest and sell faster.


We spend a great deal of time getting the best possible photographs of your home. We stage each shot to ensure that there are no distractions to the eye. We do not use an excessively wide angle lens as this can be misleading and look distorted however the equipment we use is of professional quality and provides excellent results. Externally we will always try to get a sunny shot and often revisit a property several times to be confident that the property looks its best.

The Internet

There can be no doubt that a huge number of people now use the internet to start their property search. We have our own interactive website and as you might expect also promote all our homes on Rightmove.co.uk – the UK’s most popular property portal together with our own website, Facebook and Twitter

Local Press Advertising

We advertise all our bungalows within the local press. We use goods sized boxes with internal and external photographs together with informative text. Some agents feel that advertising in the local press is no longer cost effective but we firmly believe that it still plays an important part in our marketing strategy – after all not everyone feels comfortable using the internet or have regular access to it.

Our Mailing List

We have an extensive mailing register made up of people specifically wanting to buy a bungalow. We have applicants from every corner of the country and because we stay in regular contact with each and every one of them can instantly identify potential buyers for your home.

Our Offices

Our main office is located in the town centre of Bury St. Edmunds. It has a large window and plenty of wall displays ensuring your home is always visible. Some agents no longer have a town centre office, believing that they are another unnecessary cost, however, we know how many of our clients appreciate being able to pop in and chat face to face over a cup of tea or coffee.

For Sale Boards

Our for sales boards have been designed to be eye catching yet tasteful. You don’t have to have a board if you don’t want one, but they are very useful.

Accompanied Viewings

Often, the best people to show a potential buyer around a property, is the owner, after all no one knows your bungalow better than you do. But if the property is empty or if you would simply feel more comfortable for us to conduct the viewings then we are always happy to do so.

Probate Advice

When a loved one passes away, dealing with Solicitors and probate is probably the last thing you want to do.  We are able to work closely with your chosen legal representative, providing them with an accurate probate valuation report. The report is prepared to the recommendations set out by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and will also give you a good indication of what the property might sell for if places on the open market. We deal with probate on a very regular basis so are particularly sensitive to our clients needs at what is often a difficult tine